Abstract Daddy
Abstract Daddy
Binomen n/a
Average height Shorter than a human due to hunched over stature
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity High ("Normal" Daddies)
Very High (Thomas Orosco)
Habitat Silent Hill
Diet Carnivore
Lifespan Data Deficient
Subspecies Thomas Orosco (unique)
Status Data Deficient
Behind the Scenes

Abstract Daddies, also known as Ideal Fathers or Doormen, was a monster created for Angela Orosco but which James Sunderland also encountered during his trials in the various realms of Silent Hill. While James only encountered these in the Lakeview Hotel, it is not known how long Angela encountered them for; however, since she seemed to be so frightened by the one she encountered that James had to save her from, and since it appears she did not survive her own experiences within the Lakeview Hotel, it can be assumed that this is the only location the Abstract Daddies appeared for anybody.


An Abstract Daddy appears to be two figures lying on a bed, hidden from the rest of the world by a makeshift blanket formed from putrid skin; judging by the movements occurring underneath and with knowledge of Angela's past, it would appear that the two are have non-consensual intercourse. The beast seems trapped within a rectangular board that forms the border of the bed, with its own limbs serving as the bedposts, forcing it to usually move about quadrupedally.


Thomas Orosco

"Thomas Orosco" turns its attention to James as Angela cowers in a corner.

The monster most likely represents the type of abuse that Angela received from her father, Thomas Orosco (as it looks like a man towering over a child on a bed), and potentially her overwhelming guilt surrounding his murder. Evidence to support this include that the figure beneath the putrid sheet screams in torment, likely another representation of Angela's abuse. The mouth of the creature also has genital symbolism, which is commonplace amongst the nightmares of Silent Hill; in the case of this creature, this also likely represents the sexual abuse she endured.

Because this monster is encountered by James and they will fight him if provoked, it may be possible that they represent something for him, as well: It may represent James' abusive past during his suffocation of his wife, Mary Shepard-Sunderland, as this also took place on a bed. This would also explain why James never encountered monsters destined for Eddie Dombrowski, as well as why Laura never sees any monsters at all—there is no similarity in guilt between them (in Laura's case, she appears to be innocent and can wander freely through town).

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