Adam Jacobs is an eternally teenage vampire, born in 1964 and 'turned' in 1980. He appears in the TV series Being Human


When he was 16, he fought an unknown vampire that ended turning him. His parents kept him fed for years until his mother died and his father ended up in hospital. He stays with George and Nina, eventually being taken in by a vampire couple with a swinger lifestyle which he finds appalling, deciding to go back with the two. Mitchell gives him some money to start over somewhere, Adam concluding that he had to move on and find his own life in order to stop himself being a burden on George and Nina like he was to his parents.

He eventually finds himself back in school where he befriends a werewolf named Christa and a ghost named Matt. During this time, Adam worked with Matt and Christa to investigate Matt's murder - despite the current tension developing between them due to Matt's feelings for Christa and Christa and Adam developing some degree of feelings for each other, also contacting George for advice on how to handle Christa's condition. The murderer was subsequently revealed to be Matt's old teacher, Mr. Rowe, who had become enraged at the irreverent way he was treated by his students, Adam almost attacking him before Christa calmed him down. Rowe was subsequently thrown through Matt's "crossover door" when he tried to attack Adam and Christa to protect his secret.

Adam returns to Honolulu Heights in Series 4. He is on the run from the press, who have found out that he is in a relationship with Yvonne, the Headmistress of a girls' school. Once at the house he explains to her that he is a vampire, but at that point Hal discovers that Yvonne is a succubus - a creature who subconsciously causes men to fall in love with her whenever they touch her. Adam is taken out of the house by Annie, and he is horrified at what he has done. However, he eventually realizes that he does love Yvonne, and returns to the house to fall under her spell once more. The two of them leave the next day, to continue their lives together.