Adjule (Resident Evil)
Binomen Canis lupus familiaris or Lycaon pictus
Body type Canid
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Very High
Place of origin Tricell, Inc. labs (presumed)
Habitat Sub-Sahara Africa
Diet Carnivorous
Locomotion Quadrupedal
Lifespan Indeterminate
Subspecies Subspecies of Plaga Type 2
Related species Cerberus, Colmillos
Status Data Deficient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Resident Evil

Adjules are a dangerous Bio-Organic Weapon created by infecting a feral dog or an African wild dog with a Type 2 Plagas created by Tricell, Incorporated. The creatures remain pack oriented and will hunt in groups of two or more. Majini have been known to call on the creatures for backup. In packs they will try to encircle their prey to catch it off-guard.

Due to Plagas infection they have become heavily mutated and are actually able to split their heads open laterally to reveal their parasite as well as huge, dagger-like teeth that have formed inside of their necks. Their parasites are of a long-ranged variety, thus making the Adjules all the more dangerous. Once their head has split open they are considerably more dangerous as they gain a grappling attack, but this also makes them more vulnerable to headshots as the parasite is exposed. Tentacles can emerge from their newly-opened head to strike out as a short-ranged attack. Like other Plagas, they also can no longer be killed instantly through the use of flash grenades or flash rounds once the parasite emerges from its host.

Those Adjules formed from African wild dogs are larger, more durable, and more vicious than those formed from feral dogs, doling out more damage quicker. Despite this, using hand grenades with correct timing will still take them out or at least greatly injure them. Even so, a target must make sure to target their Plagas once it emerges or else they can quickly kill the victim.

Those facing Adjules are best to be armed with either shotguns thanks to their wide blast radius that can injure more than one of the pack at a time, or incendiary grenades which scorch the flesh and cook the parasite inside. Although quick on their feet, knocking one down takes it a few seconds to stand back up. Being dogs, they are unable to climb and thus moving to higher ground is an effective strategy to flee from the creatures. This seems to frustrate the animals though and they will jump around in an attempt to still gain access to the target.


  • Adjules are named after a cryptid reported in the Sahara.
  • The Adjules in game resemble the Weimaraner dog breed.


  • Resident Evil 5 (First appearance)
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