Aecyto Weevil
Aecyto Weevil
Others Aecyto Beetle
Original エイシトビートル
Romanization Eishito Bītoru
Body type Coleopteran
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Non-sapient
Habitat Reptite Lair
Locomotion Bipedal
Status Extinct
Behind the Scenes
Universe Chrono Series
Aecyto Weevil

Aecyto Weevils are an enemy in Chrono Trigger, appearing in the year 65,000,000 B.C.

It appears in the reptite lair in prehistory. On the first level of the reptite Llair, five aecyto weevils dig holes in the ground that allow Crono, Ayla, and their companions to drop to the other levels of the lair. Several treasure chests are only accessible by falling through these holes. Once falling the level below, Crono can climb back up the hole by pressing A near the location he dropped onto. Alternatively, pressing A allows him to climb into the holes.

Found in the Reptite Lair in Prehistory, Aecyto Weevil, like many other dinosaurs in Chrono Trigger, have a very high physical defense and low magic defense, so using Magical Techs (or Physical Techs that deal magical damage) against them is advantageous. Similar to the Aecytosaur, Aecyto Weevil are vulnerable to Light Elemental Techs, which cause their physical defense to plummet. Techs such as Thunder Chomp or Volt Bite are extremely useful due to the Light-elemental qualities and high physical damage scores.


Aecyto-, in the name, is an adaptation of the Latin prefix Alecto- which refers to dinosaurs with horns. A weevil is a species of beetle, heavily endangered due to pesticides. Weevils are considered pests among farmers as they burrow into crop leaves and create nests in pine trees, and are thus killed. Many primitive species of weevil are extinct, several variations of which date back to before the time of humans -- fitting, as these creatures appear in prehistory.

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