Others Addanc
Binomen N/A
Body type Repto-mammalian
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Non-Sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Place of origin Wales
Habitat Lakes
Diet Carnivorous
Locomotion Swimming
Behind the Scenes
Universe Real

The Afanc, a.k.a. Addanc, is a legendary lake monster from Britain and resembles an unlikely combination of a beaver and a crocodile.


Originating from Welsh folklore, the most common tale associated with this monster tells that the vicious man-eating Afanc nevertheless became docile in the presence of a certain young maiden, who sat by the lake shore and allowed the beast to sleep on her lap. Local villagers then took the opportunity to try to chain the beast, but it awoke and trashed around furiously, crushing the maiden to death in the process.

Some Arthurian legends claim that the Afanc loses its strength when out of the water and can be killed if dragged away from its lake. Different traditions ascribe that it was killed either by King Arthur himself or by Peredur in this manner.


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