Ahriman FFT
Others Allemagne, Allemange, Veteran
Binomen Unknown
Original アーリマン
Green Ahriman: フライアイ
Ice Ahriman: アイスアーリマン
Romanization Āriman
Ice Ahriman: Aisuāriman
Body type Spherical
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity Very high
Habitat Bisga Greenlands, Crystal World Mines, Crystal World Ruins, Denthe Bridge, Depths of the True Moon, Dragon's Den, Earthgift Shrine, Eureka, Gongaga Village, Ice Mountain, Inside Sin, Ipsen's Castle, Kefka's Tower, Land of O'Kokuh, Lunar Subterrane, Mako Reactor III, Memoria, Mt. Gagazet, Mushroom Forest, Northern Cave, Orchise Snowfields, Shrine of Awakening, Simuth Hollows, Technolith, World of Darkness, World of Dusk, Zanarkand ruins, various areas of Eorzea and Orience
Diet Carnivorous
Locomotion Bipedal walking, powered flight
Subspecies Green Ahriman, Ice Ahriman, Lava Ahriman, Voidsent Ahriman
Related species Bat Eye, Big Eye, Blood Eye, Buer, Dark Eye, Evil Eye, Floating Death, Floating Eye, Fly Eye, Grim Gaze, Plague Horror, Smolenkos, Vertigo
Status Least Concern
Behind the Scenes
Universe Final Fantasy
There is no escaping this evil eye. Once you have met its fearsome gaze, you will never be alone again. Even now I feel the loathsome eye on me. Always it is on me. Where is it? Where is it? Oh, sweet gods...!
— Description, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

Ahriman (also known on Gaia as Allemagne or Allemange) are one of the commonly-recurring enemies found in the Final Fantasy series. It made its first appearance in Final Fantasy III, though it was retroactively added as a boss to the remake of the first game, Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls. A few other types with different physiology have been seen, such as the types seen in Final Fantasy XI and in Final Fantasy XIII. A singular character named Ahriman also appears in Final Fantasy XII.


Ahriman primarily consist of a gigantic eye that makes up most of their spherical body. The rest of their body is taken up by a small mouth full of needle like teeth that seems to disappear once closed; a pair of strong, digitigrade legs; and large, leathery wings to help keep them aloft. They have long, spindly tails that likely help keep balance. These may provide stabilization during flight, and seem to be dragged on the ground behind them when grounded, perhaps to offset the size of their wings. Some Ahriman possess long spines growing out of their back, but what causes this in some and not others is not directly understood.

Four subspecies are known to exist found in differing areas: Green Ahriman are weaker than regular Ahriman found in the Crystal World. Voidsent Ahriman (simply referred to as Ahriman) are found in Eorzea; this variety are unique in that they posses long, gangly arms not seen in other species. Two other varieties, the Ice and Lava Ahriman, also exist and are found in the Crystal World.

Their skin color is normally a pale yellow, although red, purple, and a pale peach skin tone has also been recorded. The thin skin of their leathery wings also greatly varies. It is rare for the species to simply have paler yellow skin tone or red for even thinner for the wing membranes, and it is far more common for these wings to appear green, purple, blue, or even black. Iris color also can vary, with purple, blue, red, brown, yellow, and green being potential colorations.

Some species of Ahriman are notably weak to ice magic, though they are often resistant to wind magic.

Intelligence and magical capacity

Ahriman are surprisingly sapient creatures despite their inability to directly manipulate objects, and some have been seen with facial tattoos or adorned with minimal jewelry.

Ahriman are masters of magic. They often possess instant death-causing spells such as Death, Dread Gaze, Earthquake, L4 Death, Petrify, Roulette, and Doom. However, regional Ahriman often learn other spells, as well. They have been seen casting fire spells such as Blaze, Fira, and Firaga; lightning spells such as Thunder, Thunderbolt, Thundara, and Thundaga; and ice spells such as Icestorm, Blizzara, and Blizzaga. Stronger Ahriman have been seen casting Meteor. They are also known to know white magic spells such as Cura and Curaja to heal themselves with, and sometimes can cast Haste, in an attempt to speed up a Doom countdown. They can also sometimes cast Banish, Bewitching Gaze, Big Breath, Binding Circle, Blaster, Circle, Dark, Demonic Gaze, Eye Laser, Eyes on Me, Gaze Attack, Glare, L3 Flare, Slow, Sonic Wave, Teardrop, Umbral Gaze, and Wing Buffet.

Voidsent Ahriman are known for their proficient use of Earth magic.

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