Air Screamer
Air Screamer
Binomen n/a
Average height Half Human-height
Sapience Non-Sapient (presumed)
Aggressivity High
Habitat Silent Hill
Diet Carnivore
Lifespan Data Deficient
Subspecies Night Flutter
Status Data Deficient
Behind the Scenes

Air Screamers are aerial monsters that appeared within the Fog World of Silent Hill, manifested from Alessa Gillespie's psyche. Exhibiting an impressive wingspan due to being half the height of an average Human, their name derives from a high-pitched screeching they make when incised. Being fairly fragile creatures, their danger lies in their mobility as they swoop down, biting and slashing victims with their talons. This mobility of theirs however can protect them from being severely injured by a mêlée attack as it can prove very difficult to land a blow on them, and if they are damaged they may fly away to protected themselves though they can just as easily circle back to attack from another angle. With this in mind, utilization of firearms negates this mobility issue, allowing someone defending themselves to shoot them out of the air; even so, they appear in large numbers, sometimes even in flocks, and if one wishes to conserve their ammunition they should simply flee from these monstrosities whenever possible.

A particularly observant individual will listen for flapping wings and/or squawking sounds that will warn of an Air Screamer's approach.

Upon a shift into the Dark World, Air Screamers mutate into the far more dangerous Night Flutters.


Night Flutter

The Night Flutter, the alternate form of the Air Screamer.

The Air Screamer is a manifestation of an illustration in one of Alessa Gillespie's favorite books, The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, which presumably depicted a pteranodon but the creature also has the torso and legs of a human person, which is a common occurrence amongst the demons of Silent Hill.


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  • Silent Hill: Paint It Black
  • Silent Hill: Book of Memories
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