Alyssa is a vampire character from X-Men.


The head of the Siren Sect of vampires. She attends the meeting of the vampires as an ally of Xarus, and allows Dracula to be murdered with no objections. However, she later has three of her sect seduce and try to kill Xarus. They fail, and Alyssa seems to fall under Xarus's command. She saves the life of Janus by giving him one of the pendants, further calling her allegiances into question.

Powers and abilities

She has the same powers and weaknesses as the rest of her kind. Her special abilities are her clairvoyance (which allows her to hypnotize people and manipulate their minds) and her ability to shapeshift into several forms, such as bats, rats, a wolf, mist, human-sized or larger canine and bat-like forms.