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Others Ángelos
Body type Shapeshifting
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Place of origin Heaven
Diet Omnivore (although they do not typically eat)
Lifespan Immortal
Behind the Scenes
Universe Real

In the Abrahamic religions, Angels are celestial beings which traditionally act as servants and messengers of God, and may also act as guardian spirits of human beings, either individually or collectively. In Islamism, they are regarded as one of the three sapient races created by God - the others being humans and Jinn. They have been created out of light, while humans were created out of clay and the Jinn out of smokeless fire. Unlike humans and Jinn, Angels have no biological needs, are essentially immortal and act only according to God's will.

Traditionally, Angels are described as spiritual beings with vast supernatural abilities, and are morally superior to humans. They're usually portrayed as shapeshifters and may have no true form, or their true form may be invisible or incomprehensible for humans. In most artistic and cultural portrayals, however, they have been depicted in their human form, which is (usually) exquisitely beautiful, and they're very commonly represented with bird wings and/or halos. Sometimes they may also act as psychopomps, guiding the spirits of the deceased to the afterlife.

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