Ape (FFA)
Others Mount Rocks Ape
Binomen Genus Gorilla
Body type Gorilloid
Sapience Semi-sapient (presumed)
Aggressivity Very high
Place of origin "Mana World"
Habitat Mount Rocks region
Diet Omnivore (primarily herbivorous)
Locomotion Knuckle-walking
Subspecies Related to other gorillas
Status Data Deficient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Final Fantasy
Ape (FSA) Sprite

Creatures known simply by the moniker "Ape" (and possibly able to be called a "Mount Rocks Ape" to differentiate it from other apes and gorillas, though this name is conjectural) are a species of gorilla indigenous to the region around Mt. Rocks, a mountain located on an unspecified world (known here as "Mana World"). Despite living near Mt. Rocks, they have not been recorded on the haunted mountain itself.

Mount Rocks Apes differ from other gorillas by their slate blue-colored hair and yellowed skin. Their irises also appear red. Another interesting evolutionary adaptation is that their pinky has become vestigial and the bones no longer extend outside of the hand, leaving them with a thumb and three functional fingers. They also have a very wide mouth, almost seemingly eschewing cheeks for unknown reasons, but this may be an indication that their primary food source may require a massive bite to intake properly. They are also known for their aggressive nature.

Although their diet is not known, it is known that they share their environment with both the Barnaclejacks and the Ogres. Of these two creatures, the Barnaclejack is more likely to be part of their dietary habits. Like other gorillas, they likely also subsist on fruits, nuts, and possibly insects.

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