Binomen Arachnocidis
Body type Land arthropod
Average height 4-6 feet long
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Non-Sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Habitat Chasms of Skull Island
Diet Carnivore
Locomotion Hexapedal
Related species Evolved Arachno-claw
Status EX
Behind the Scenes
Universe King Kong
Performed by Insect chirps

Arachno-claws (Spider-Claw) are nightmarish arachnid like creatures that live in the chasms of Skull Island.


Arachno-claws dwell at the bottom of the abyssal chasms, where light barely penetrates. Scavengers, they tend to lurk on the edges of the chasms, feeding on carrion. While they aren't above adding fresh meat to their diet, they also aren't aggressive about getting it, either. Arachno-claws lay their eggs in carrion and corpses, where they are usually eaten by other scavengers. Those devoured by a Carnictis will hatch in the worm's intestine, feeding off of the worm's meals, until finally excreted as immature adults. Like many abyssal dwellers, Arachno-claws aren't fond of bright light. Like many other abyssal predators, they prefer to attack from an ambush, waiting silently for an unaware prey item to approach. They tend to feed on the corpses and other detritus that fall in the steep-walled chasm, but will quickly prey on a sick or wounded fellow scavengers. The Arachno-claws can't swim. They have six legs that are used to walk, with two chelae (crab-like claws) under their mouths, which are used to rip prey into easily digestible pieces. They have a very strange life cycle that begins when the parents laying microscopic eggs in rotting carrion. Most are either killed by other scavengers or drowned in the muddy water that collects in the bottom of the pit.



  • Their appearances were based on references on crabs, lobsters, crayfishes, etc.
  • They were supposedly based on the crab-spiders from the 1933 version of the film.
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