Araquanid (Artwork)
Others Dewpider (juvenile stage)
Original オニシズクモ
Romanization Onishizukumo
Body type Insectoid
Average height 1.8 meters
Average weight 82 kg
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Non-Sapient
Place of origin Alola region, Pokémon World
Habitat Amphibious
Diet Carnivorous
Locomotion Hexapedal
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pokémon

Araquanid is a water/bug-type Pokémon species whose juvenile stage is known as Dewpider.


In spite of its name, Araquanid's body more closely resembles an insect, as opposed to an arachnid, given that its head is separated from its thorax and that it has three pairs of legs instead of four. Like an arachnid, though, it does have additional eyes on its forehead and seems to lack both compound eyes and antennae.

Araquanid is a large amphibious creature, weighting about 82 kg. Its most notable feature is that its head is enclosed in a water bubble, which allows it to survive on land as it can only breathe oxygen dissolved in water. This Pokémon also uses the bubble to store food and to assist in hunting, as it can headbutt and trap smaller Pokémon into the bubble and wait for them to drown.

However, the species has also been observed to have a caring and altruistic disposition, as they sometimes take wounded or otherwise vulnerable Pokémon into the bubble as means of protecting them. Additionally, they also like to keep treasured possessions within the bubble, which may lead to attempting to do so with their trainer if the latter is not careful enough.


Dewpider (Artwork)

Araquanid's juvenile stage is comparatively small, at about 30 cm in height and 4 kg in weight. It's most notable for using three out of its six legs to hold onto the water bubble and keep it in place over its head. Like its mature stage, it can only breathe oxygen dissolved in water, and therefore needs the bubble to forage on land, although it also uses it to protect its soft head.

Apparently territorial to some extent; whenever two Dewpider meet they will compare the sizes of their bubbles, and the owner of the smaller bubble will have to move out of the way.

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