Others Ekans (juvenile stage)
Original アーボック
Romanization Ābokku
Body type Serpentine
Average height 1 meters (Ekans)
3.5 meters (Arbok)
Average weight 6.9 kg (Ekans)
65 kg (Arbok)
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Non-Sapient
Place of origin Kanto region, Pokémon World
Habitat Grasslands
Diet Carnivorous
Locomotion Slithering
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pokémon

Arbok is a poison-type Pokémon species, whose juvenile stage is known as Ekans.


Arbok and Ekans are serpentine Pokémon which may be found inhabiting grasslands in regions such as Kanto, Johto, Kalos, and Alola. In addition to being venomous, they're also capable of killing prey by constriction.



Ekans is a long serpent, mostly purple in coloration, with a yellow stripe around its neck. Its abdomen, eyes, and tail rattle are also yellow. It has vertical slit pupils, and its tongue is not bifurcated like that of most snakes and Arbok. The rare shiny variant is green.

Ekans moves stealthily amidst the grass, and devours the eggs of bird-like Pokémon, which constitute its favorite meal. It can also detach its jaws to swallow large prey, which it ambushes from behind before attacking. Everything it eats is swallowed whole.

An Ekans grows longer as it ages. Like a typical reptile, it has primarily diurnal habits, and coils itself around tree branches to rest at night. It flicks its tongue in and out to detect potential threats.


When Ekans evolves into Arbok, it more than triples in size and becomes almost ten times as heavy. It loses its rattle, but gains a large hood similar to that of a naja. The colorful markings on its hood differ among populations. Its eyes also become more humanoid, with white sclerae and black pupils. It gains visible needle-like teeth, and its tongue becomes bifurcated. Its coloration is greyish-purple, save for the rare shiny variant, which is golden.

Arbok has been described as a vengeful creature and a persistent predator that never gives up on its hunt. It uses the markings on its hood to paralyze victims with fear before constricting them. Its constriction is strong enough to crush a steel oil drum. As seen in the Pokémon Adventures manga, Arbok is capable of regenerating itself after being cut in half.

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