Armadillo (Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy)
Body type Armadilloid
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity High
Place of origin Egypt
Diet Herbivore
Locomotion Quadrupedal
Status Least Concern
Behind the Scenes
Universe Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

Attack Rating: ***--
Defense Rating: ***--

The Armadillo is a creature found in the kingdom of Egypt. Although living members certainly exist, Sphinx only encountered undead, Skeletal varieties during his quest to stop Set. Because of their undead nature, these Skeletal Armadillos are able to endure either being lit on fire or being electrified without any harm to themselves.

These peculiar, waddling quadrupeds normally walk along at a slow pace. Their hard shell doubles up as a weapon when spinning along the ground. Certain popular children's tales claim their origins as the union of a hedgehog and tortoise.

Armadillo (Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy) 2

Eventually Sphinx encounters another one also hiding inside of a pot and uses a Capture Beetle on it to take as a donation to the Abydosian Museum. Luckily he only needed one of the two types he encountered, as underneath their elemental abilities, they were in fact the same species.

Several Armadillos were necessary to capture during Sphinx's journey in order to continue to progress. The Fire Skeletal Armadillo was arguably the most useful captured creature of them all, although Slim Burbles were equally as useful in his quest.

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