Others Anorith (juvenile stage)
Binomen N/A
Original アーマルド
Romanization Āmarudo
Body type Arthropod
Average height 70 cm (Anorith)
1.5 meters (Armaldo)
Average weight 12.5 kg (Anorith)
68.2 kg (Armaldo)
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Non-Sapient
Place of origin Pokémon World
Habitat Aquatic
Diet Carnivorous
Locomotion Bipedal
Status EW
Behind the Scenes
Universe Pokémon

Armaldo is a rock/bug-type Pokémon species whose juvenile stage is known as Anorith. The species is generally regarded as extinct, although some individuals have been successfully revived from fossils.


Members of this species are 1.5 meters tall bipeds with a vaguely crustacean appearance. They have an armored exoskeleton, a long tail, short legs and large retractable claws for arms. Their eyes, located at the sides of the head, don't appear to be compound. Most individuals are light blue in color, but the rare shiny variant is grayish-pink.

Armaldo inhabits coastal regions and spends most of its time on land, but dives into the sea to forage for food. The wings on its back are useless for flight, but very useful for swimming. The gender ratio of this species is of seven males to one female.



Armaldo's juvenile stage, Anorith, is a legless aquatic creature, whose appearance is highly reminiscent of an anomalocarid. When it evolves into Armaldo, it becomes more terrestrial and moves from sea to land.

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