Ashen Ghoul
Ashen Ghoul
Others French: Goule cendreuse
German: Aschfahler Ghoul
Italian: Ghoul delle Ceneri
Portuguese: Carniçal Cinéreo
Spanish: Gul ceniciento
Binomen Homo sapien sapiens
Body type Humanoid
Average height Average human height
Average weight Average human weight
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Non-sapient (presumed)
Aggressivity Extreme
Language Formerly human languages
Place of origin Brought back from the dead
Habitat Terisiare
Diet Detritivorous Carnivore
Locomotion Bipedal
Lifespan Unknown; seemingly cannot be killed through normal means due to undeath
Subspecies Subtype of Human
Related species All other Zombie types
Status Undead; Extinct
Behind the Scenes
Universe Magic: The Gathering
Designed by Ron Spencer

Ashen Ghouls were a type of zombie that existed during Terisiare's last glacial period. They were swift creatures presumably under the service of Lim-Dûl, and were nigh-unkillable. Although they could be brought down, if enough corpses fell in the same general area, they would wake up and return to the field of battle.

Despite being nearly unkillable, they ceased appearing with the end of the Ice Age. This is likely due to their presumed allegiance to the necromancer Lim-Dûl.


  • Ashen Ghoul was a 3/1 black card that cost 1 black mana and 3 colorless to cast.
    • It possessed Haste, which allowed it to attack on the turn it came into play.
    • The controller was able to return Ashen Ghoul from their graveyard to the battlefield. However, to activate this ability there had to be at least three creature cards above Ashen Ghoul in their graveyard, and it could only occur during the player's upkeep.


  • Magic the Gathering: Ice Age
  • Magic the Gathering: Coldsnap Theme Decks
  • Magic the Gathering Online: Masters Edition II
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