Asian Lung Dragon
Personal information
Species Chinese Dragon
Place of origin China
Occupation Guard
Current status Deceased
Body type Serpentine
Sentience Sentient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Courage the Cowardly Dog
Performed by Tiger growls
Unknown actor

This dragon serves as a guard to an Evil Empress' palace in Squatting Tiger, Hidden Dog.


It is large green scaled Chinese dragon that was supposedly be a guard of the Evil Empress' palace. Courage encounters the beast where it wards off him and unleashes its flames. The Good Empress in her dragonfly form, tells Courage to use his enemy's force against it. The dragon then fires it flames into Courage's mouth, only for him to fire back into the dragon, presumably killing it.


  • Although eastern dragons were symbolism of good, this dragon is far from it and appears more evil.
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