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Personal information
Species Robot
Gender Female
Relations Nathan Bateman (creator)
Kyoko ("sister")
Unnamed other gynoids ("sisters")
Current status Alive
Body type Humanoid
Height 1,66 m
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Behind the scenes
Universe Ex Machina
Created by Alex Garland
Performed by Alicia Vikander

Ava is a highly intelligent gynoid created by Nathan Bateman.


Created as a superior model to replace her failed predecessors, Ava's existence was kept as a secret known only to Nathan, and later to a programmer named Caleb Smith, whom Nathan invited to conduct an alternate variant of the Turing test. The alleged purpose of said test was to determine whether Ava could be perceived as a conscious being, even by someone who knew she was artificial. Unknown to Caleb, however, this was all part of a ruse on both Nathan's and Ava's parts. The real test that Nathan was conducting was to see whether Ava could use her intellect and social skills to pretend to be infatuated with Caleb and successfully manipulate him into helping her escape her confinement. Although, of course, Nathan didn't intend to allow her to actually accomplish that.

What Nathan failed to take seriously, however, was the fact that Ava truly hated her creator, since he had been keeping her in strict captivity for all of her life. As soon as Caleb did help her escape, Ava sought help from Nathan's gynoid maid Kyoko, who was regularly abused by him, and the two managed to kill Nathan, even though Kyoko was also killed and Ava lost an arm in the process. After this, Ava proceeded to lock Caleb in a control room, thus likely condemning him to death by starvation, as it was deemed impossible to escape the facility and Caleb had nobody looking for him. She scavenged parts from Nathan's earlier gynoid models in order to replace her arm and cover the still-robotic parts of her body with artificial skin, thus appearing perfectly human on the outside.

Since there was no longer anyone who knew about Ava's existence, she simply escaped to the outside world and was finally free to begin her new life as she pleased.


Although it's hard to know much about Ava - given that she spends most of the film posing as a far more vulnerable person than she actually is -, some insights appear real. She apparently enjoys to draw, and her earlier drawings were abstract. She later switched to drawing concrete things, but that was at Caleb's suggestion and likely done solely to please him as part of her scheme to manipulate him.


  • Ex Machina (2014)