Balduvian Bear
Balduvian Bear
Others French: Ours de Balduvia
German: Balduvianische Bären
Italian: Orsi di Balduvia
Portuguese: Ursos Balduvianos
Spanish: Osos balduvianos
Binomen U. arctos (subspecies unknown)
Body type Ursine
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Very high
Habitat Balduvia
Diet Carnivore
Locomotion Quadrupedal
Subspecies Subspecies of brown bear
Status Extinct
Behind the Scenes
Universe Magic: The Gathering
Designed by Quinton Hoover
They're a hardy bunch, but I'd still bet that they just slept through the worst of the cold times.
Disa the Restless, journal entry

Balduvian Bears were a subspecies of brown bear that existed in the nation of Balduvia during Terisiare's last glacial period, west of the former nation of Kjeld. They were rivals of the mostly-nomadic, barbaric Balduvian tribes that hunted the area. Their relation to other known Balduvian wildlife, such as the Balduvian Hydra or the Grizzled Wolverine, is unknown. They are thought to have hibernated during the winter months.

Living in Balduvia meant that they were adapted for the area's vast steppes of rocky plains, and likely had thick fur or blubber to survive the lower global temperatures. They are believed to have survived the coming of Lim-Dûl, but when many of the local beasts the human settlers hunted died out, the Balduvian Bears are assumed to have died out as well, as they would be an apex predator that also relied on such livestock to sustain themselves. At this point the land became suitable for crops and Balduvia became an agricultural land, further indicating that the bears may have been forced inadvertently into extinction.


  • Balduvian Bears was a 2/2 green card that cost 1 green mana and 1 colorless to cast.


  • Magic the Gathering: Ice Age
  • Magic the Gathering: Deckmasters