Wolfenstein Bat
Others Nazi Bat
Quarkblitz Bat
Body type Chiropteran
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Very high
Place of origin Germany
Habitat Specific Nazi Laboratories & Fortresses
Locomotion Powered flight
Status Data Deficient (likely extinct)
Behind the Scenes
Universe Wolfenstein
Created by Dr. Quarkblitz (in-game canon)
Unknown (real life)

Bats were huge mutant bats utilized by Adolf Hitler's forces during World War II, and were the brainchild of Dr. Quarkblitz.

Quarkblitz specially bred or genetically modified the bats to have a vast increase in mass, strength and intelligence, allowing them to carry as well as actually operate a set of dual guns mounted to or simply held by their feet. The species was considered very dangerous to contend with as they could deal out a lot of damage and were very swift moving.

However, when B.J. Blazkowicz killed their handler after the Nazis stole back the Spear of Destiny, he succeeded in preventing the bats' further usage within the Nazi regime and they, presumably, eventually ceased to be, either by having starved to death or being all personally exterminated by Blazkowicz.

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