Others Black Mothra, Battle Mothra, Bad Mothra
Original バトラ
Romanization Batora
Body type Lepidopteran
Average length 90 meters (Larva), 73 meters (Imago)
Average weight 20,000 tons (Larva), 30,000 tons (Imago)
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Locomotion Crawling, Swimming, Flight
Related species Mothra
Status EX
Behind the Scenes
Universe Godzilla Universe
Created by Takao Okawara
Designed by Koichi Kawakita
Performed by Ryu Hariken

The larval form of Battra fights against Godzilla.

Battra (also known as the Black Mothra) – the polar opposite of Mothra – is a kaiju-sized insectoid created over 12 thousand years ago by the life force of the planet Earth, as a way to punish the advanced civilization which threatened the Earth at the time by building devices to control the weather.

Battra and Mothra are antithesis of each other: both look like gigantic moths, but while Mothra is benevolent, Battra is hostile; while Mothra has hairy skin and blue eyes, Battra has a thorny black covering and unsympathetic red eyes. Like Mothra, he has the ability to attack with electrical discharges from his wings and generate energy beams from his horns. As a larva, Battra is capable of moving as well in water as on land, and can also survive being submerged in lava for extended periods of time. His blood is green, like is the case with many insect species. Also like Mothra, Battra has flight abilities which defy the laws of physics, being able to generate enough thrust that he and Mothra together can lift the behemoth Godzilla and transport him over kilometers.

Upon his creation, Battra seemingly went out of control and Mothra battled with him to restore the Earth's balance. As she defeated Battra, he went dormant under the Arctic Ocean, but was given the noble task of re-rising in the year 1999 in order to save Earth from an incoming asteroid. Unfortunately, a smaller asteroid which fell in the Pacific ocean caused Battra to rise seven years too early, in 1992, and engage in fight against both Godzilla and Mothra. During the battle, the two insects joined forces against their common enemy, and according to the Shobijin they actually became friends that day. Unfortunately, Godzilla craved his jaws in Battra, apparently killing the redeemed monster. Mothra promised to take on the task of saving the Earth and flied into space to intercept the asteroid.

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