Others N/A
Personal information
Species Human
Bluebird (formerly)
Gender Female
Place of origin Old Grist Mil
Age Unknown
Relations Unnamed mother
Unnamed siblings
Current status Alive
Body type Humanoid
Abilities Flying
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Over the Garden Wall
Created by Patrick McHale
Performed by Natasha Leggero (pilot)
Melanie Lynskey (series)

Beatrice is one of the main characters in Over the Garden Wall.


One day, Beatrice threw a rock at a bluebird and along with the rest of her family, turning them into bluebird. Instead of facing her family and owning up to her misdeed, Beatrice decided to flee home. She eventually made an agreement with Adelaide of the Pasture - the cursed girl must find a child servant. If successful, Beatrice will gain a pair of scissors that, if used to trim their wings, can return her family to humans.

On the night Wirt and Greg wandered into the woods, Beatrice encountered the brothers briefly with candy from strangers, but fled when the Woodsman approached them. The following morning, she became entangled in a rose bush and was set free by Wirt and Greg as they happened to be walking down a nearby trail. Beatrice decided to follow the brothers to a village called Pottsfield, offering to guide them to Adelaide, who will help them get home...Or so she tells the boys.

Beatrice accompanied Wirt and Greg into a farmhouse and was the first to be disturbed by the festivities of the eccentric, pumpkin-wearing townsfolk who are actually skeletons with clothes and pumpkin heads on. Beatrice gave into Wirt's pleas to help them escape when Greg discovered a skeleton while digging holes. Once the three escaped, they continued on to Adelaide.

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