Binomen Genus Hippopotamus
Body type Hippoid
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity High
Place of origin Prime Material Range
Habitat Deep tropical rivers and lakes
Diet Herbivore
Locomotion Quadruped
Status Endangered (Listed as "rare" in-game)
Behind the Scenes
Universe Dungeons & Dragons
Created by Gary Gygax

Behemoths are a species of hippopotami.

Monster Manual descriptions

2nd Edition

Behemoths are huge relatives of the hippo found only in deep rivers and lakes in tropical regions. They have huge mouths with great tushes, similar to those of hippopotami, and outward-pointing tusks which project from each side of the mouth. These latter teeth are used for uprooting aquatic plants and roots.

A bull behemoth will generally have 1-3 cows with him. Bulls do 6-24 points of damage and cows 4-16. Bulls are always aggressive, but cows will aggress only if a calf behemoth is present (25% chance per cow). If a swimmer enters behemoth territory, or if a boat or canoe passes overhead, aggressive animals will move to attack. There is a 50% likelihood that the bull will rise up under a boat or canoe and overturn the craft. Behemoths travel in water by sinking and running along the bottom. They can stay submerged up to 30 minutes.


  • Despite the indication of their name, they are surprisingly less of a threat than a real hippo.
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