Belial Betheal Gavarre
Others Betheal Gavarre
The Lord of Darkness
The Goat-Horned Devil
Personal information
Species Humans (formerly), Devil
Gender Male
Relations Mathew (Adoptive son), Ivan Isaacs (host)
Current status Alive
Body type Humanoid
Sentience Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Priest Manhwa

Belial is the devil that Ivan Isaacs sold his soul to in order to get revenge on the fallen angel, Temozarela.

Belial was originally an inquisitor in the medieval church called Betheal Gavarre. However, he eventually comes to preside over the case of the possessed Vascar de Guillon, who has been captured. Temozarela, who is inside Vascar's body, influences Betheal's adoptive son, Matthew through his dreams, to slaughter one of the women at the monastery where he and Betheal are staying. Betheal, on hearing his son confess this, becomes enraged and all of the sudden saw Temozarela laughing in front of him. Consumed by his rage he strangles him, not fully realizing Temozarela's influence within him. Unfortunately, when Betheal came to his senses he found out that he killed his son, Matthew.

Betheal Gavarre

As Betheal Gavarre

This was orchestrated by Temozarela in order to to break Betheal faith in God and make him one of his apostles. However, despite Betheal faith in God being broken by the incident, Betheal uses his newfound rage to fight against Temozarela, much to Temozarela dismay. Betheal turn to the pagan magic and imprisoned himself and Temozarela in Domas Porada Matrix of Silence and sacrifice himself in order to become the devil Belial. Centuries later Ivan Isaacs was deceived into opening Domas Porada thus releasing Temozarela from his prison. Ivan was left for dead, Belial offers a deal to Ivan, which the insane priest agrees to, leaving Belial's mark of a cross in a circle branded on his forehead. Now the two work together in order to take down Temozarela and his followers.

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