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Gloria Bomfim Gloria Bomfim 27 November 2021

Taryn Bile

Taryn Bile is the girlfriend of Thaddeus Bile in Fan made Monsters, Inc. character.

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Taryn Bile is a blue shyness, pretty female monster, has several soft spikes on her head that are capable of becoming sharp, has four purple tentacle arms with four fingers on each of them and long dinosaur-like tail. Taryn Bile is a female blue monster. Taryn Bile has cyan and purple skin and spikes on her head. She is Thaddeus Bile's female counterpart. She is female counterpart of Thaddeus Bile. She is Thaddeus Bile's love interest. She is Thaddeus Bile's girlfriend.

  • Thaddeus Bile (boyfriend)
  • James P. Sullivan
  • Mike Wazowski
  • Boo
  • Celia Mae
  • Max
  • Sam "Samantha" Sullivan

  • Mrs. Waternoose

  • She sounds like Meena from Sing i…

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Parker Green Parker Green 1 April 2021


I recently created a page for Razputin from Psychonauts, because he's a psychic.

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Daniellewiki Daniellewiki 1 January 2020

"Wiki Hero!" on New Year's Day!

It's New Year's Day and I'm the first person to earn the "Wiki Hero!" Badge! Contributing to the wiki every day for 365 days!

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Nononsensecapeesh Nononsensecapeesh 10 December 2017

SONG OF THE SEA (2014) Rated: PG

Traditional hand-drawn animation is still around thanks to Irish director Tom Moore and his Cartoon Saloon concern. Both of their first two full-length features The Secret of Kells(2009) and Song of the Sea were nominated for the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature.

Like its predecessor, Song of the Sea takes much of its inspiration from folklore as well as keeping 2D animation as up to date as possible. The plot revolves around 2 siblings trying to find their way home only to have to confront a legendary witch in order to save each other.

At the beginning, we are introduced to Ben, a young Irish boy who lives with his parents Connor and Bronagh in a Lighthouse on a small island. Bronagh is heavily pregnant with her 2nd child and Ben is …

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BlueFrackle BlueFrackle 7 March 2017

The Thing About Ordinary Humans

Since this wiki was created, the rules on what is and what isn't allowed have changed a bit. But the core value of what the wiki is intended to hasn't. Far from being "only" a complement to ASW, or a place to "dump" the species that aren't "alien" enough to be accepted there, we have instead found our own identity, and our own focus. We are not only a wiki about "non-aliens". We are a wiki about "non-ordinaries", a place to document everything that inhabits and/or originates from Earth (or realities that are connected to Earth in some way), but that still doesn't quite fit within what most people perceive as "reality".

Under this definition, Non-Alien Creatures Wiki is a place for cryptids, for fictional and mythological species, fictional …

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DeltaSquad5 DeltaSquad5 7 February 2016

What Cryptid would you be most afraid of encountering?

For those who don't know, Cryptids are creatures that have been seen by people but not confirmed by mainstream science. Examples of these include Bigfoot, El Chupacabra, the Yeti and the Loch Ness Monster among others.

Cryptids can be pretty much anything;

  • Extinct creatures thought to still be alive (Megalodon Shark, Burrunjor, Mokele Mbembe, etc.)
  • Creatures in a different habitat from where they are usually found (Phantom Cats, Beast of Bodmin Moor, etc.)
  • Creatures thought to be undiscovered relatives of modern day animals or confused with other creatures (Hoop Snake, Oklahoma Octopus, Salawa, etc.)
  • Truly unknown creatures whose existence is disputed (Trunko, Montauk Monster, Globster, etc.)
  • Apparent Extraterrestrial creatures (Mothman, Nightcr…
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Somarinoa Somarinoa 5 November 2015

Monster Manual II

As I am sure many of you noticed, the last few days I have been adding a significant number of creatures from Dungeons & Dragons, or filling in information for pages that already existed, such as the Aboleth. This is because I found an old copy of the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons' Monster Manual II at a thrift store in town this last week.

So, needless to say, 132 pages of monsters inbound!!

I will be adding these all in alphabetical order, and I will try to add as many as I can in the free time I have available. Hopefully I won't get distracted, haha. Unfortunately I don't have any of the other bestiaries available to me right now so all info will be from this edition alone for now. After I finish with the writing I will see if I can scan s…

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DeltaSquad5 DeltaSquad5 8 January 2015

Aliens or Non-Aliens?

Do you have a preference at all or favourties from both sides?

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Somarinoa Somarinoa 15 March 2014

Evil Twin

I noticed this morning that I had an email in my inbox offering me a temporary code for having forgotten my wiki password. The thing is, it isn't something I would forget. This means someone, somewhere is apparently attempting to hack into my account. I wanted to inform the community in case I do anything out of the ordinary. At the same time, however, my computer finally kicked the bucket a couple days ago, and this means I will be doing all of my editing either from my phone (which sucks for editing and will likely only be on my user pages) and the work computer (which I can make larger edits but is more risky and will still not allow image uploads of any sort). So if I am somehow making major edits in the next couple days, it ought to b…

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Yonzo rikuo Yonzo rikuo 4 June 2013

amounts of user

well i maybe the first user in this wika or anything but the user in this wikia is too small so my objective is to make more user to this wikia like creepypasta wikia :) i hope its works hehe

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