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Others N/A
Personal information
Species Selkie
Gender Female
Place of origin Mythical dimension
Relations Conor (husband)
Ben/Rachel (son/daughter)
Saoirse (daughter)
Conor's mother (mother-in law)
Current status Returns to the spirit world
Body type Humanoid
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Behind the scenes
Universe Song of the Sea
Created by Tomm Moore
Performed by Lisa Hannigan

Bronagh (sometimes spelled Bronach) is one of the characters that appeared in the 2014 Irish animated fantasy film, Song of the Sea.

Overview Edit

Bronagh is a female human-like selkie who married Conor and had two children, Ben and Saoirse. Bronagh often told Ben stories about the faeries, the Owl Witch Macha and her son, MacLir and also the Great Seanchai. When Ben was 4 and anticipating becoming a big brother, Bronagh gave him a seashell-horn that she'd inherited from her own mother and reassured her son he'd be the best big brother ever.

Soon after this, Bronagh suddenly fell ill as her hair started to turn white and she went into labor. She fled the family's Lighthouse-home and stepped into the ocean, disappearing beneath the waves with a last apology to Conor. Nonetheless, Bronagh successfully gave birth to her daughter Saoirse but Conor and Ben were crushed, believing her to have perished. As a result of Bronagh's disappearance, Ben took an immediate disliking to Saoirse and would use Bronagh's stories to scare her. Bronagh's sea-shell horn remained in Ben's possession to remind him of her but when Saoirse discovered the horn, she found she could play it and became possessive of it even after Ben repeatedly maintained it was his.

Bronagh's stories would later prove to be real as Ben and Saoirse encountered the characters from said stories while attempting to run away from their grandmother and find their way home.

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