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Others The Evil Imoogi
Original 부라퀴
Personal information
Species Imoogi
Gender Male
Place of origin Heaven
Age Hundreds of years old
Affiliation Atrox army
Current status Deceased
Cause of death Disintegrated by the Good Imoogi
Body type Snake-like
Length 200 meters
Diet Carnivore
Abilities Slithering
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Non-sapient
Behind the scenes
Universe Dragon Wars
Performed by Elephant screams

Buraki is the main antagonist of the film, D-War directed by Hyung rae Shim. He was an Imoogi who was corrupted to gather the power to become the new Celestial Dragon.


This creature is instinctually driven to pursue the Yeouijoo and become a Dragon. It is smaller than the legendary Dragon, and its appearance is similar to a snake. Over the course of centuries one Imoogi, Buraki, was overcome by an uncontrollable desire to become a Dragon. In its obsessions to become a Dragon, Buraki gradually turned wicked.

Prepared with an army of viscous reptiles, the Imoogi waited five hundred years for the reappearance of the Yeouijoo. The anointed good-natured Imoogi, however, will not be easily denied his chance to become a Dragon. The two lock into a dangerous struggle to capture the Yeouijoo. The evil-minded Imoogi is served by an army of thousands, whereas, the Good Imoogi has only Haram (Ethan) and his master to rely on.