Chun-Woo Han
Chun-Woo Han
Others The Nine Arts Dragon; Goomoonryong; Demon King of Terror
Romanization Han Cheonu
Personal information
Species Human
Gender Male
Date of birth Unknown
Age 30
Current status Alive
Body type Humanoid
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Breaker

Chun-Woo Han is the Deuteragonist of The Breaker manhwa. He is the former master for the Protagonist Shi-Woon Yi.

Chun-Woo Han may look like carefree, laid back womanizer at first look, but the is that he is the only one who was able to obtain the title of Nine Arts Dragon and the number 1 enemy for the whole Murim. He was called by many names as being a whole new entity and both his skills and power were recognized by many figures in the Murim. However, years ago before obtaining his title in the Shinmujengpe (lit. Martial Arts Championship) he was promised a wish if he could do it as the leaders of the Murim schools was sure that he would never win, but he made it in the end. Chun-Woo was overjoyed as his wish was to free his master, Un-Wol who was banished into a cave due to the Black Origin Threshold incident and took Han as his disciple after his banishment. Rushing to tell his master of his freedom only to find the Martial Arts Alliance there, having suspect Un-Wol Involvement. The leaders accused Han of insulting the whole Murim as they considered him someone without proper lineage or standing can't be allowed to obtain the title of the Goomoonryong. Before Chun-Woo could be killed Un-Wol leave the cave and save him, but kill himself in order not to reveal the secrets of the Black Heaven & Earth Technique and stated that only Han know the technique know. This turn Chun-Woo bitter and vengeful as he blame the Martial Arts Alliance for the death of his master. Chun-Woo was believed dead as he fell from a cliff. However, Han survived and would make a deal with the Black Forest Defense in order to take revenge for his master by destroying the boundaries that separate the normal world from the Murim world. Despite being the number one enemy of the Murim there are some people who understand his reasons for hating and becoming an enemy of the Martial Arts Alliance.