Binomen N/A
Body type Tentacled humanoid
Average height Humanlike
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity Low
Habitat Ocean
Diet Piscivore
Locomotion Swimming
Hexapod walking
Lifespan Biologically immortal (presumed)
Status DD
Behind the Scenes
Universe Cilia
Created by Nicola Cuti
Designed by Felix Mas

Cilophytes are a sapient species of oceanic humanoids with legs that end in tentacles rather than feet.


They appear perfectly human until it comes to their legs. Below the knee level, each leg divides in a patch of three long tentacles - giving them six in total. They feed solely on live fish. Though they're able to survive on land for some periods of time, they feel weak if they don't come back to the sea periodically. If they're unable to go back to water, they eventually die from dehydration.

Culture and societyEdit

Cilophytes are benevolent creatures and known to protect shipwrecked sailors and save people from drowning. However, if one of them is killed they may become vengeful.


In 1872 the freighter Davy Jones was caught in the middle of a sea tempest while sailing in the Atlantic and sank beneath the waves. Two survivors made it to a small raft - Captain Raymond Spike and a man called Zackery - and spent two weeks lost in the sea before being rescued near the coast of Kenya. During that time, while Zackery remained unconscious, Captain Spike met and fell in love with a Cilophyte named Cilia, who was also lost, separated from her kind in the storm.

Cilia helped find food for them and administered potions to keep Zackery alive, but by the time he and Spike were rescued, he remembered nothing of it. Spike married Cilia, but the townsfolk became suspicious due to her strange behavior - eating live fish and periodically disappearing into the sea. When they caught sight of her swimming and found that she wasn't human, they tied her up in a lighthouse and left her to die from dehydration. By the time Spike found his wife, she was horribly dried up and begged for him to kill her, which he reluctantly did. The people who had tied her up had their boat attacked by a giant octopus - apparently, a form of vengeance from the Cilophytes. Captain Spike carried Cilia's body into the sea to bury her, but never returned.


  • Vampirella, issue #16 (April, 1972)


  • Since Cilia refers to humans as "mortals", it's likely that her species is biologically immortal.
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