Cyrus Gold
Cyrus Gold Arrow
Others Solomon Grundy
Personal information
Species Zombie (Except for Arrow)
Human (Arrow)
Gender Male
Date of birth Early to Mid 19th Century (Except for Arrow)
Current status Undead (Except for Arrow)
Deceased (Arrow)
Body type Humanoid
Height 9'2" (Comics)
6'7" (Legends of the Superheroes)
6'9" (Smallville)
5'10" (Arrow)
Weight 971 pounds (Comics)
Sapience Sapient
Behind the scenes
Universe DC
Performed by Mickey Morton
Jimmy Weldon
Mark Hamill
Bruce Timm
Kevin Grevioux
Corey Burton
Diedrich Bader
David Jennison
Fred Tatasciore
Keith Ferguson
Graham Shiels
Kevin Michael Richardson

Cyrus Gold, a.k.a. Solomon Grundy, is a zombie supervillain in DC Comics. He was originally a 19th century merchant who was murdered and had his body disposed of in a swamp, but later resurrected as a gigantic zombie.



  • The alias of Solomon Grundy is the result of him telling the first person he spoke to after his resurrection that he was born on a Monday.
  • The Arrow version is a modern day human enhanced by Mirakuru.
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