Others Destroyah, Destroyer
Original デストロイア
Romanization Desutoroia
Body type Varies greatly by form
Average height Micro: 1 mm-10 cm
Juvenile: 2-20 meters
Aggregate: 60 meters
Final: 120 meters
Average length Micro: 3 mm-30 cm
Juvenile: 2-18 meters
Aggregate: 40 meters
Flying: 65 meters
Final: 230 meters
Average weight Micro: 1.1-33 pounds
Juvenile: 771.6 lbs.-260 tons
Aggregate: 15,000 tons
Flying: 15,000 tons
Final: 80,000 tons
Sapience Non-Sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Place of origin Tokyo Bay
Habitat Anaerobic underwater environments
Diet Carnivore
Locomotion Varies by form
Subspecies Micro, Aggregate, Flying, Giant Aggregate, Final
Status Extinct
Behind the Scenes
Universe Godzilla
Created by Takao Okawara
Performed by Puppets, Ryō Haritani

Destoroyah is a titanic monster composed of tiny Precambrian crustaceans.


In 1954, a colony of tiny Precambrian crustaceans were revived and mutated by a weapon called the Oxygen Destroyer, which was used to kill Godzilla in the original film. These crustaceans grew quickly, changing into many different forms. They are unaffected by small arms fire, but are very vulnerable to extremes of temperature. It was later killed by Godzilla.


Stages of transformation, listed in order of appearance.


Small, near microscopic creatures. Individually they aren't much of a threat. In groups, however, they act like tiny piranha, stripping flesh from bone in moments. Trillions of them make up the bodies of the aggregate form.


Human sized crab-like creatures. They are vicious and difficult to kill, and are usually found in large swarms. They are equipped with a small secondary jaw, much like a xenomorph. This jaw can inject a fatal substance known as micro-oxygen and can also drain a victim of its' energy. They later come together to become the body of the flying form.


An enormous, legless creature with four wings and a long pincer-tipped tail. It was the first form capable of flight.

Giant Aggregate

A much larger version of the aggregate, with two additional spear-like limbs. It attacks with deadly efficiency, using its' secondary jaw and spear-limbs to great effect.


A giant monster that looks like a combination of demon, dragon, and crab. It has many abilities, including:

  • Can use its' horn as a "laser katana"
  • Micro-oxygen ray
  • Energy ray from the floral pattern on its' chest
  • Flight

Before being killed by Godzilla, Destroyah managed to kill his only offspring Godzilla Jr.


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