Binomen N/A
Average height 15–20 cm (5.9–7.8 in) tall
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity Harmless
Language English
Place of origin Earth
Habitat Fraggle Rock
(originally Cavern of Lost Dreams)
Diet Herbivorous
Locomotion Bipedal
Status Least Concern
Behind the Scenes
Universe Fraggle Rock

Doozers are a species of diminutive sapient bipeds which inhabit the underground cave system of Fraggle Rock. They are plump humanoids, about 20 centimeters (7.8 inches) tall, with lime green skin and pink round noses, and a pair of short thin antennae. Sometimes they may have hair, including facial hair. Their limbs are short and they have four digits on each hand.

Doozer society is dominated by a strong impulse to build. They derive great joy and pride from their constant work, mining radishes from the underground in the Gorgs' garden and using them as prime material for the Doozer stick, which is the basis of all their modern constructions. They live side by side with the Fraggles, who live by the almost opposite principles of near-anarchy, play and absolutely no hard work. But in spite of this and the fact that the Fraggles love to feed on the radish-flavored Doozer buildings, the two species live in peace and even symbiosis: without the Doozers, the Fraggles would have much more trouble finding food; and without the Fraggles, the Doozers would eventually run out of space to build, which is unacceptable for them.

Prior to the discovery of the Gorgs' garden, the Doozers lived in the fabled Cavern of Lost Dreams, a city filled with archaic temples which they built from mushrooms, rather than radishes. As they started to run out of mushrooms, nearly all Doozers evacuated the town to find new places to live, eventually settling on the known regions of Fraggle Rock to make first contact with Fraggles and Gorgs, eventually establishing the complex relationship between the three species.

Predictably, modern Doozers are far more technologically advanced than the Fraggles. They live in a sophisticated underground city known as the Doozer Dome, and are led by an Architect.


  • The animated spin-off Doozers shows that there are several Doozer communities living in the surface world outside of Fraggle Rock; in forests, mountains and deserts. They also use radishes as building material, which they cultivate on their own since there are no Gorgs around.