Binomen N/A
Body type Draconic
Average height 40 – 50 ft
Average wingspan 80 – 100 ft
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Unknown (likely semi-sapient)
Diet Carnivore
Behind the Scenes
Universe Reign of Fire

Dragons are a reptilian species of unknown origins.



Dragon "napalm" ability.

Dragons are large reptilian creatures of surprising intelligence (one example of this was a bull toying with a heavily armored convoy, being fully aware it could easily destroy them, which it eventually did). They are typically 45-50 long with a wingspan of twice that however the bulls (which are only a minority as most are female) are thrice as big.

Their fire breathing ability is caused by two separate glands in the mouth that project two fluids which combine just in front of the mouth to form a natural napalm (although it acts more like nitroglycerin as the mixing of the fluid causes the ignition)

They have an extremely effective method of reproduction: This involves all females being born with unfertilised eggs, which they release into a large body of water; this way a single male can fly over and fertilise hundreds of eggs at a time, which is likely.

A single female carries roughly 4-8 eggs.


The Dragons first appear around the end of the age of the dinosaurs spreading across the globe, burning all before them and feasting on the ash, ultimately wiping out the dinosaurs and causing a new ice age as result of their ash. When there was nothing left to burn they buried themselves and hibernated, waiting for the world to recover so they could begin again.

In the year 2008 AD, diggers working to construct a new section for the London underground stumbled across a "void" in the rock which contained a slumbering bull who awoke and began burning his way across the city. This incident was not a solitary incident as similar stories began being reported across the globe. Mankind used their greatest arsenals to destroy them but to no affect. Roughly 20 years passed before a few survivors ventured into London to slay the bull. They met no resistance from the other dragons because there was nothing left to burn so they had begun to turn on each other. With the bull slain the dragons slowly began to either go into hibernation or die out.