Others The Sea Monster, Horror of the Deep
Original エビラ
Romanization Ebira
Body type Lobster-like
Average height Showa: 30 meters (98.4 ft)
Millennium: 50 meters (164 ft)
Average length Showa: 60 meters (196.8 ft)
Millennium: 100 meters (328 ft)
Average weight Showa: 23,000 tons (50,706,324 lbs)
Millennium: 50,000 tons (110,231,140 lbs)
Sapience Non-Sapient
Aggressivity Extreme
Place of origin Devil's Island
Habitat Pacific Ocean
Diet Carnivorous
Locomotion Swimming, Crawling
Behind the Scenes
Universe Toho
Created by Tomoyuki Tanaka
Shinichi Sekizawa
Jun Fukuda
Performed by Unknown

Ebirah is a crustacean daikaiju similar to a huge red lobster which inhabits the shallow waters surrounding a small island in the south Pacific. He is an aggressive creature which will destroy all kinds of sea craft crossing his territory. He most commonly attacks with his chelae.

One of Ebirah's only known weaknesses is that he can be repelled away by the fragrance the juices of a certain fruit growing on the island.

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