Eel Hound
Binomen N/A
Average height 8 ft.
Sapience Non-sapient
Aggressivity Very low
Diet Unknown
Subspecies N/A
Status Least concern
Behind the Scenes
Universe Avatar: The Last Airbender

An Eel Hound is a large, amphibious lizard that exhibits the ability to swim and run very quickly.


They are at least 8 feet tall and roughly 25-30 feet long, with dark green scales except along its belly, from its jaw to its tail. Eel Hounds are green in color with a lighter shade on their underbellies, and a darker shade of green on top of their bodies. The Eel Hound is very hard to tame, although nothing is known about them outside their domestic environment. They are thought to be the fastest thing to ride or swim: "Nothing runs faster over land or swims quicker than a giant Eel Hound," most likely referring to animals used as means of transportation, as there are animals which run and swim faster.