Felix Rosa
Others Whalewolf
Personal information
Species Human (Formerly)
Orca and Wolf Hybrid (At time of death)
Gender Male
Occupation Baseball Player (Formerly)
Current status Deceased
Cause of death Airstrike
Body type Humanoid (Formerly)
Finned Canine (At time of death)
Sapience Sapient
Behind the scenes
Universe Syfy Channel
Performed by Mario Arturo Hernandez (Human Form)

Felix Rosa A.K.A. Whalewolf was a Dominican baseball player who attempted to get back in the game by undergoing genetic engineering.


After transformation he had a wolf body, pectoral fins on his front limbs, a dorsal fin, an adipose fin and a killer whale's tail. His color scheme was that of a killer whale. He still understood English.


He showed behavioral traits like those of a domestic dog. He pees like a dog. His swimming motion appears to be a mix of human swimming and the doggie paddle. He sounded like a dog.


  • Enhanced Strength: He could throw Sharktopus
  • Enhanced Speed: He could potentially run at speeds of over 30 mph and swim at 40 mph.
  • Enhanced Agility: He could turn sharp corners and jump over high walls with little effort
  • Enhanced Durability: He withstood several gun shots
  • Aquatic Adaption: He was just at home underwater as he was on land

Behind the scenes

  • The Whalewolf appears to have based off of the Akhlut, a wolf-orca hybrid from Inuit mythology.


  • Betty
  • Two Unnamed People
  • Carrie
  • Dr. Elsa Reinhardt
  • Huerta
  • Two Unnamed People
  • Sharktopus


  • His genetic engineering was done by Dr. Elsa Reinhardt, who previously worked with Dr. Nathan Sands and Dr. Rico Symes, the creators of Sharktopus and Pteracuda respectively.
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