Others Gammera
The Invincible
Super Monster
The Guardian of the Universe
The Brave
The Friend of All Children
Original ガメラ
Romanization Gamera
Body type Testudine
Average height 35-80 meters
Average length 55-90 meters
Average weight 1,200-10,000 tons
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity High
Language Telepathic
Place of origin Atlantis
Habitat Deep Ocean
Diet Consumes fire, plasma, or radioactive materials
Locomotion Bipedal (primary)
Quadrupedal (secondary)
Lifespan Indefinite
Related species Toto
Status Critically Endangered
Behind the Scenes
Universe Gamera
Created by Yonejiro Saito
Performed by Showa series
Teruo Aragaki
Umenosuke Izumi
Heisei series
Naoaki Manabe
Jun Suzuki
Akira Ohashi
Hirofumi Fukuzawa
Millennium series

Toshinori Sasaki
Trumpet and elephant sounds

Gamera is a enormous flying turtle-like creature from a popular series of daikaiju eiga monster movies produced by Daiei Motion Picture Company in Japan.


Unlike most other species of turtles, Gamera has the habit of walking bipedally rather than on all fours, though he occasionally walks quadrupedally in his first three films. Gamera was capable of using his upper limbs in the same manner as Godzilla, as his forelegs had appendages much closer in construction to hands than feet, and was capable of grappling with opponents and manipulating objects. His mouth is filled with teeth, unlike any living modern turtle (several types of extinct prehistoric turtles were toothed, however), with a pair of large tusks protruding upward from his lower jaw. Gamera is also usually seen with very large human-like eyes, adding intelligence to his overall appearance.


Gamera's shell is extremely resilient and strong. Missiles and other weaponry merely bounce off of it, along with most of his opponents' attacks. There have been a few times where his shell has faltered, most notably when Guiron hammered at the same spot several times and began cutting through. Gyaos' sonic Beam, Zigra's Paralyzing Beam, and Barugon's rainbow ray cannot penetrate Gamera's shell, shown in the films when he withdraws into his shell to avoid the attacks. Gamera's stomach, however, is softer and not as resilient, and he has been cut and gouged in his stomach to the point of bleeding (his blood is blue in the Shōwa era series, but green in the Heisei and Millenium era films).


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