Body type Jellyfish
Sapience Non-Sapient
Aggressivity DD
Habitat The Bug Jar
Locomotion Flight
Subspecies Mutation of Homo sapien sapiens
Related species Netch
Behind the Scenes
Universe Generator Rex

Gelatinors are EVO mutants living in the Bug Jar, an area formerly known as Kiev, Ukraine. They are found in large numbers and can fly even though they have no visible means of doing so; this may indicate that they utilize air bladders to some effect.

Serving NoFace, the cnidarian Gelatinors are primarily used to attack any intruder who violates the Bug Jar's air space using their spiked dorsal sides. They are also used as aerial transports by NoFace himself. They come in two sizes, the size of a regular jellyfish and the size of an aircraft.

Background history

When Rex entered the Bug Jar, he encountered a full school of Gelatinors. He was forced to use his Smack Hands technique in order to knock them all out of the sky.


  • Generator Rex Season 1, Episode 10: The Forgotten (First appearance)
  • Generator Rex: Agent of Providence
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