Others Apparition
Body type Variable (similar to how they looked in life; shapeshifting; amorphous; fully non-corporeal or something else entirely)
Sentience Sentient to some degree (usually)
Sapience Sapient (usually)
Aggressivity Varies from harmless to extreme
Diet None
Locomotion Floating (usually)
Walking (when corporeal)
Passing through solid objects
Lifespan N/A
Behind the Scenes
Universe Real

A Ghost is an undead spirit of those who have died.

Their physical manifestations vary enormously, but they're often portrayed as translucent, if not invisible altogether. Conversely, sometimes they will be able to manifest themselves as perfectly opaque, indistinguishable from living creatures at first glance. Even so, they may display the ability to disappear, shape shift, teleport, pass through solid objects and/or float in midair. They may also be capable of possessing living beings, places or objects.

Powers and Abilities

  • Energy Absorption: ghosts can apparently drain energy from batteries and people. Doing so is said to allow them to appear to the living and interact with the physical world.
  • Invisibility: ghosts are said to normally be invisible and must take energy from their surrounds to appear
  • Electromagnetic Energy Manipulation: ghosts can seemingly manipulate electromagnetic energy causing them to set off detectors. They can apparently use this ability to create images in televisions, make phone calls and even send text messages. If the number sending the message is called, the caller with receive a noise similar to static or white noise.
  • Intangibility: many reported ghost sightings include reports of them walking through walls. According to paranormal researchers, ghosts actually do possess this ability but it is limited to the living can't touch them or hit them with something. Paranormal researchers claim that the reports of ghosts walking through walls are residual hauntings, which is the ghost of a dead person continues to perform an action them perform several times when they were alive. If the action included walking through a doorway/hallway that has since been sealed or turned into wall, the ghost will appear to walk through a wall. Ghosts do possess the entire ability in works of fiction.
  • Flight: another ability that is the result of residual hauntings. If an elevated structure such as a staircase or balcony was removed, any residual ghost that used that structure will appear fly. Ghosts possess this ability in works of fiction.
  • Superhuman Attribues: ghosts such as Poltergeists are far stronger, faster and possess greater stamina than living Humans. This is because they are no longer alive and therefore don't get tired.


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