Ghouls are zombie-like creatures that appeared in the Hellsing series.


Ghouls are monsters that are created when a vampire drains the blood of a non-virgin human. If fatally wounded, they instantly crumble to dust. They are under the control of the vampire who bites them, eat human flesh, and are intelligent enough to use firearms. It is not rare to see a vampire amass a small army of ghouls for offense and defense. Despite their relative skill compared to the lumbering undead of other lore, they are still quite slow and lack the intellect to execute any manner of defensive maneuvers, making them vulnerable to specialized weaponry. Once they have been tainted, ghouls cannot be cured. Ghouls, as suggested by Walter C. Dornez and Jan Valentine in OVA II, seem to not only follow orders to fight, but comply with any other orders from their vampiric masters as well. Artificial vampires can make all of their victims ghouls regardless of the status of their virginity. These also survive even if the host vampire is destroyed. The victim's soul is taken in by the vampire if they are turned into a ghoul (although a soul can be taken if they're not directly bitten, such as licking blood from a bleeding body, or if the victim is dead when they're bitten, regardless of their virginity status). Once the host vampire who made them dies, they will die has well.