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Giant Dragonite
Original カイリュー
Romanization Kairyū
Personal information
Species Dragonite
Gender Unknown
Place of origin Kanto region, Pokémon World
Age Unknown
Current status Active
Body type Draconic
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Non-sapient
Behind the scenes
Universe Pokémon

This Giant Dragonite is a mysterious Pokémon, several times larger than a regular Dragonite.


The Giant Dragonite is a daikaiju-sized creature that inhabits the oceans around the Kanto region. Its eyes glow at night, suggesting the existence of a tapetum lucidum. It produces a musical sound to communicate, which has been described as both beautiful and eerie by those who have heard it.

According to Pokémon researcher and lighthouse keeper Bill, this Dragonite is probably the only one of its kind, and therefore a solitary creature, deprived of friends or family.


Bill heard the call of this Pokémon at night in his lighthouse, and understood that the solitary beast was calling out for a potential friend, to see if someone could respond. Interested in both seeing and befriending the mysterious Pokémon, Bill recorded a similar sound and played it during a foggy night. The Giant Dragonite appeared, drawn in by the apparent call of another one of its species. Unfortunately, Team Rocket fired at it in an attempt to capture it, and as a result, the Dragonite attacked the lighthouse, sent Team Rocket flying away with its tail, and retreated into the ocean once again.


  • Pokémon, s01e13, "Mystery at the Lighthouse" (1997)


  • The plot of this episode is adapted from the Ray Bradbury story "The Fog Horn", featuring an unidentified sea monster in the same role. In the context of the show, the existence of this Dragonite is used to illustrate the fact that there are many undiscovered Pokémon out there, including prehistoric survivors.
  • The Giant Dragonite is a strong contestant for the title of the largest naturally-occurring Pokémon ever seen.