Guivre Garnet is a character from Saint Seiya: The Lost Canvas. A 200 years old woman of high french society during the 18th century, Lady Garnet has supernatural beauty and a supernatural voice, and is part of a group of warriors named "Jewels".


The wife of a French nobleman of the sixteenth century, Garnet lost her husband due to an epidemic and had to flee their home because of the various battles that were raged for possession of the mansion. During their escape, the young woman found Guivre, a magical jewel that gave its owner the power to control the spirits of gemstones and stay young by absorbing the vitality of people. She decided to use the power of the stone to keep the peace, as in the ideal of her late husband. Using the power of the jewel, Garnet was able to develop an angelic voice, that was loved by everyone. To accumulated the energy needed to maintain her powers, she created a group of pre-teen warriors known as the "Jewels".

A hundred and fifty years after founding the stone, Garnet made a trip to Russia, where she met the only person who could understand her feelings of loneliness and the feeling that deep down she felt in her heart, Aquarius Krest (the oldest of the goddess Athena's warriors, the saints). Being alive for more than 450 years at the time, Krest was impressed by her idea of ​​keeping the peace by giving people the opportunity to never change, and decided to join her 50 years later, when she returned to what had been the land of her husband. Garnet gave Krest (now under the name of Koh-i-Noor) a new body, making him look younger and putting him in command of the Jewels. She then had Krest send a letter to his former disciple, Aquarius Dégel.

At her birthday party, Garnet noticed Dégel immediately, for he was the only guest to be able to resist the charm of her voice. Dégel then defeats the Jewels, then Garnet and Krest, who apologize to him, and are frozen together in an eternal ice coffin.

Powers and abilities

Garnet possesses supernatural beauty and a magically charming voice. She is also able to suck vitality out of people, keeping herself young, and transform people into "Jewels", making them immortal.

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