Hei Bai
Others Black and White Spirit
Binomen n/a
Average height 15 ft. (estimate)
Sapience Sapient (presumed)
Aggressivity High
Habitat Senlin Forest, Spirit World
Diet dd
Lifespan dd
Subspecies n/a
Status Least Concern (ethereal creature)
Behind the Scenes
Universe Avatar: The Last Airbender

Hei Bai, also known as the Black and White Spirit, is a forest spirit that normally takes the form of a docile panda bear, but can turn into a large multi-armed monster when angered.


Hei Bai is very docile and friendly in his panda form; when angered, however, he changes into a six-legged, black and white monster that destroys everything in its path. Somewhat vengeful and very protective of his forest, Hei Bai generally keeps to himself and doesn't bother others unless they provoke him first.

Upon seeing the burned remains of the once lush Senlin Forest which he protected, Hei Bai became enraged, and targeted the nearby Senlin Village blaming the villagers, not knowing that it was the Fire Nation who destroyed the forest. As a result of his anger, Hei Bai transformed into his monstrous form and terrorized the village, by abducting a villager each day.

In an attempt to calm down the angered spirit, Avatar Aang showed Hei Bai the acorns that covered the burned forest's ground. Aang told Hei Bai that the forest would come back because of the acorns. Hei Bai's anger faded and he returned to his normal form. He took the acorn in his mouth and then left through the village's gate, returning to the Spirit World. From that gate sprouted bamboo stalks, where the villagers stumbled through unharmed.

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