Binomen Omnitagus Megaculos
Body type Mammalian
Average height Human-sized
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Non-sapient
Habitat Forests of The Continent
Locomotion Biepdal
Status Critically Endangered
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Witcher
Created by Andrzej Sapkowski
Performed by Dog, Bear, and Tiger sounds

Hirikkas are mammalian creatures that appeared in The Witcher.

Overview Edit

Although they haven't appeared in any media of The Witcher series, they were stated in the lore that they were hunted to near extinction and were much rarer than even dragons.

The creature appeared in one episode, Rare Species of a Netflix adaption of the same name, when bard Jaskier wonders off into the bushes to find food until he stumbles upon it, which promptly rears up to its full height and scares Jaskier away.

Geralt warns the group that the hirikka is starving, advising everyone to lower their weapons, but the knight Eyck ignores his warning and slaughters the animal. While staying in the same area for rest, Eyck cooks the hirikka, and once again ignores advice when Borch warns him not to eat it. After doing so, Eyck leaves the group after suffering his incoming defecation which he died the following day.

Appearance Edit

Since there was no description of a hirikka in the lore besides being mentioned in Sword of Destiny. The creature appearing in Rare Species, has the appearance of an emaciated light brown body with slimmer arms and legs, an additional black located on the top of its head and back, long dog-like ears, short head shape, yellow eyes, short tail, and sharp teeth.

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