Bilbo Sacquet
Binomen Unknown
Average height 2.5 feet
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity Very Low
Habitat Holes, rural areas
Diet Omnivorous
Lifespan Centuries
Subspecies Unknown
Status Data Deficient
Behind the Scenes
Universe The Hobbit
Created by J. R. R. Tolkien

Hobbits are a race of timid small humanoids that live in comfortable holes and greatly enjoy food, drink and daily social activities. They are known for their general distaste of all things adventurous, dangerous and glorious. Among their few outstanding abilities is that of walking around in deep silence, completely unnoticeable. Their large, hairy feet are adequate for all types of terrain, and they never wear any kind of footwear. They are also equipped with good eyesight, capable of seeing in the dark to a certain extent. They can be very fast when they have reasons too, and are more resistant to the potentially corrupting attractions of greed and ambition than other species, such as elves and dwarfs. They also have a respectable intellect, despite not being particularly strong physically.


Hobbits are a rather meek race of short humanoids which lived in peaceful semi-agrarian societies during an unspecified time. Physically, they are small humanoids, slightly shorter than dwarfs, and most easily distinguished by their large furry feet and their natural ability to move around in complete silence and to furtively sneak out of sight when threatened. They have rounded faces with little to no facial hair, slightly pointed ears and curling hair on the head. Despite living in holes, they enjoy spending the greater part of the days on the surface, and thus cannot be considered a subterranean species. They have, however, a keen sense of eyesight, and are better suited to seeing in the dark than dwarfs, despite the latter also spending considerable time underground in their constant mining operations.

Culture and society

Hobbits are usually simple folks, who enjoy comfort, food, socialization and commerce, and dislike everything to do with adventures and peril (though there are known exceptions to this general rule). They are, however, perfectly capable of bravely defending their territory should the need arise. Hobbit habitations are built underground, consisting of galleries of chambers, all clean and comfortable, filled with good furniture. Their fondness of food and drinks drive them to have about six meals a day. Although co-inhabiting their world with a variety of other races, including the aforementioned dwarfs, elves, men, goblins, trolls, wargs, eagles and dragons; Hobbits are not a particularly well-known race, probably because of their sedentary lifestyle in closed communities, and their lack of adventure spirit, generally speaking. Those Hobbits that do go on adventures and explorations are often looked down upon by their brethren that treats them as odd fellows.