Others Djinni
Binomen N/A
Original الجن
Romanization al-jinn
Body type Shapeshifter
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Aggressivity Variable
Habitat Several, but prone to be found in mountains and abandoned ruins
Diet Omnivorous or carnivorous
Lifespan Centuries, possibly millennia
Subspecies Ghoul, Ifrit, Marid, Si'lah, Hinn, Nasnas
Related species Peri, Shayṭān
Status LC
Behind the Scenes
Universe Real

The Jinn (singular: Jinni); a.k.a. Djinn or Genies; according to Islamic beliefs, are one of the three original races created by God, alongside Humans and Angels. While the Humans have been made out of clay, and the Angels out of light; the Jinn were made out of smokeless fire.

A heterogeneous assemblage; there exist numerous sub-types of Jinn, ranging from the flesh-eating graveyard-dwelling Ghouls and the fiery devious Ifrit, to the blue-skinned Marids and the female seductive Si'lah. In the most extreme interpretations, even the fairy-like Peris and the fearsome "Shayṭān" (a word roughly equivalent to the modern term "demon" and etymologically-linked to Satan) might be included and viewed as polar opposites within the varied entourage of Jinni types; although some insist that they're separate beings.

In some contexts, words such as "Jinni" and "Ghoul" have actually been used as generic terms to denote any kind of spirit or supernatural creature; and "Shayṭān" has been used to refer to any malevolent entity, Jinn or otherwise.


Jinn are usually invisible and seldom interact with humanity, but are capable of doing so. As shape-shifters, they can assume any form they please, including humanoid, animal and smoke-like forms. They have powerful magical abilities and are capable of provoking illness and possessing people and objects.

Despite their ethereal nature, they are nevertheless material beings and require physical sustenance; which once again makes them comparable to Humans and distinct from Angels. There are male and female Jinn and they reproduce and raise their children much in the same ways that Humans do. Traditionally, they're regarded as mortal beings; although considerably long-lived; and are both faster and physically stronger than Humans.

Culture and society

The Jinn live in their own societies (usually hidden from mankind) and act according to their own free will, choosing whether they'll be good, evil or neutral; and whether they will be believers or infidels. It is believed that in the Day of Judgment, the Jinn will also be subject to divine judgment, just like Humans.

Traditional sources claim that the Jinn are a relatively old race, created two thousand years before Adam, and it has even been stated by some sources that they're the ones who have built the pyramids in Egypt, and were close associates of King Solomon during his reign.

In popular culture


"The Sleeping Genie and the Lady", illustration by John Tenniel.


Aladdin and the lamp's Jinni, illustrated by Charles Eliot Norton.

In popular culture, Jinn have been most commonly portrayed as supernaturally bound to and/or physically-contained within objects such as bottles, lamps or rings; and have a tendency to grant wishes (often three wishes) to those who free them or summon them.

This derives in large part from a few stories compiled in One Thousand and One Nights, particularly "The Fisherman and the Jinni" (featuring an evil Jinni imprisoned in a bottle) and "Aladdin and the Magic Lamp" (featuring a couple of wish-granting Jinn bound to an oil lamp and a ring, respectively).


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