King Hiss
King Hiss (Attack Pack)
Others Snakespear
Personal information
Species Human / monster truck / king cobra hybrid
Gender Male
Place of origin Mutogenic reactions of the rain forest
Affiliation Evil Rat Pack
Relations Rat Pack (allies)
Cat Pack (rivals)
Occupation Rat Pack member
Ambusher of the cat Pack
Current status Alive
Body type Monster Truck-like
Diet Carnivorous
Abilities Can open hood to reveal menacing teeth
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Attack Pack
Created by Mattel
Cold blooded to the max. Coils himself behind boulders just waiting for his prey to pass, then strikes with vicious speed and deadly venom!
— Strengths, as listed on his bio card

King Hiss is the designated Desert Ambush unit of the Heroic Cat Pack from the Attack Pack transforming toy line from the 1990s produced by Mattel as an extension to their Hot Wheels lineup.


  • His nickname "Snakespear" is likely an pun on the name "Shakespeare".
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