Larry the Lemur
Larry the Lemur
Others Larry
Personal information
Species Unspecified species of Lemur
Gender Male
Relations Sergeant Bananas (friend)
Occupation Sidekick
Current status Unknown
Body type Humanoid
Height ~1-2 ft tall
Sentience Sentient
Sapience Sapient
Behind the Scenes
Universe Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
With the aid of his pesky primate pal, Larry the Lemur, Sergeant Bananas is just crazy enough to use his iguana gun at the first sight of trouble.
— Mention on Sergeant Bananas' 1990 action figure bio

Larry the Lemur is a mischievous and pesky companion to an unnamed soldier of fortune after his mutation into the half-man, half-Eastern lowland gorilla, known as Sergeant Bananas or Guerrilla Gorilla. Although it is not known how the two met, it is obvious that they were not created at the same time, as Bananas was created in the Congo while lemurs are only endemic to Madagascar, on the other side of the African continent. Despite this the two became allies, and together seek to stop the Foot Clan's machinations.


  • Given his physical appearance and his being described as a "pest", his personality is presumably intended to be mischievous and zany. However, he has not appeared in any other media to confirm or deny this.
  • Although the exact species of lemur he mutated from is not known, his possessing a tail means that he could not have transformed from an indri. His hands being more like monkey hands also rules out his having evolved from an aye-aye or a sifaka. His tail does not seem long enough to warrant him being a ring-tailed lemur, either, though they are the best-known lemur species. This still leaves 89 extant species of lemur that he could have mutated from.
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