Illustration of the The Attic Shoppe's Lilin Board[1]

Others Līlīṯu[2]
Night spirits
Night creatures
Night monsters
Night hags
Original לילין (Hebrew)
Romanization Lilin
Body type Humanoid
Aggressivity Extreme
Place of origin Sumer, c. 4000 BC[3]
Habitat Desert
Related species Succubus
Status Legendary
Behind the Scenes
Universe Real

In demonology, Lilin are hostile spirits that attack men. The term is often confused with Lilim in popular culture.[Note 1]

In Jewish mythology lilin is a term for night spirits. In Targum Sheni Esther 1:3 King Solomon, who commanded all spirits, had the lilin dance before him. The beings Lilith and Lilim are both considered to be lilin. Lilim is also considered by older Jewish tradition to be Cain's wife. In the Syriac Apocalypse of Baruch, Lilin come from the desert.

Lilin in popular culture

In Neon Genesis Evangelion, Lilin (リリン Ririn) is the denomination used by the angel Kaworu Nagisa to the branch of humanity to which traditional human beings[Note 2] belong. In the series, Mankind is the designated 18th angel, and are a variation of humanity that arose from Lilith and possesses the Fruit of Knowledge, contrasted with Adam’s children, angels, who possess the Fruit of Life. The billions of individual humans are treated as a single "angel", described as "a colony of flawed and separate entities". Upon losing their A.T. Fields all at once, living lilin would be united into a single existence of shared consciousness.

In the role-playing game In Nomine, Lilim the Tempters are the fifth band of demons, who can only be created by the human "Princess of Freedom" Lilith. The rule that Lilim live by is the principle of the willing exchange. It's everyone for themselves.

Lilim Castlevania

In Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, Lilim are the children of Lilith, and act as one of several lady bats found in the game.



  1. Use of lilim in plural will be included in this page's popular culture section.
  2. That is, Homo sapiens, the humanoid species that evolved on the planet Earth. Although technically, all living beings of Earth that are not angels could be considered lilin as well.