He saw or sensed something that had almost escaped him before. Despite their forms, whatever their appearance happened to be, Lilith’s pack was doglike. Not in looks, certainly; it was far deeper than that. In nature, in character; that was it.
— Stanley G. Weinbaum, Proteus Island
Lilith's Pack
Year of formation 1921
Base of operations Austin Island
Current status Unknown (likely disbanded)
Behind the Scenes
Universe Proteus Island
Created by Stanley G. Weinbaum

Lilith's pack is a pack of mutant canines, genetically-descendant from dogs whose ancestors had been experimented upon by Prof. Ambrose Callan in 1921. They inhabit Austin Island, located off the coast of New Zealand, "out in the lonely sea between Macquarie and the desolate Balleny Islands, far down on the edge of Antarctica".


The nondescript pack inched forward. He saw the wildest extremes among the creatures - beings with long hind legs and short forelimbs; a creature with hairless, thorn-scarred skin and a face like the half-human visage of a werewolf; a tiny, rat-sized thing that yelped with a shrill, yapping voice; and a mighty, barrel-chested creature whose body seemed almost designed for erect posture, and who loped on its hinder limbs with its fore-paws touching the ground at intervals like the knuckles of an orangutan.
— Stanley G. Weinbaum, describing Lilith's pack, Proteus Island

Like all of Austin Island's mutants, these canines' ancestors were experimented upon to produce greater genetic variability, as Prof. Callan's research included methods to induce polyploidy (increased number of chromosomes). As a result, individual phenotypes vary to the point that each specimen looks as if it belongs to its own distinct species.

Still, although their individual appearances vary wildly, all members of Lilith's pack retain a vaguely dog-like demeanor, as well as their social dynamics and overall behavior, such as yelping and foaming menacingly at their prey. The pack's enemies, in contrast, are all cat-descendants and appropriately cat-like in their behavior, although their appearances also vary wildly.


Lilith's pack is so-named because they helped to raise Lilith, an orphaned human girl who in turn received her name when she was "discovered" by Alan Carver (who named her after the biblical character).

Although Carver was at first confronted by the pack and killed some of them, he soon realized the deep bond of mutual protectiveness between Lilith and the dog mutants. Lilith cried at the death of two of her feral companions, and dragged their bodies to the sea for a respectful burial. Carver also learned that the canine mutants were blood enemies of the feline ones, whose territory encompassed a different part of the island, where Callan's old cabin was located.

Later, as Carver and a reluctant Lilith ventured into this area, a vast number of feline-based aberrations attacked them and the two were defended by Lilith's pack, although some pack members perished in the ensuing battle as well.


  • "Proteus Island", by Stanley G. Weinbaum (1936)
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